July 28, 2021

How to Build a Backyard Deck in Toronto

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Decks in Toronto can be constructed to complement any home or business. There are many deck ideas from heritage homes to contemporary condos. The first step in constructing a deck is finding the right materials. Here are some great tips to help you choose the right deck materials for your project.

Decks in Toronto

Wood is a popular material for decks in Toronto. Pressure treated redwood is among the finest woods used for deck construction and has proven to be cost effective for decades. Redwood decking is sturdy, affordable and long lasting. If you want to build a custom deck, pressure treated lumber is an excellent choice because it offers several design options such as vertical or horizontal grain, butt joints and interlocking grain. Pressure-treated lumber also resists insect infestation, decay and warping.

Cedar has long been recognized for its ability to withstand outdoor elements such as wind and weather. However, cedar decking requires the maintenance of western red cedar (penudiates calyptum) which is usually coated with an exterior varnish to preserve the natural beauty. A basic monthly maintenance procedure is to apply a gentle solvent based deck cleaner followed by a silicone based penetrating oil (available at most decking outlets). In addition to western red cedar, cypress, hemlock and juniper are also used to build decks. While cypress may require a more intense monthly maintenance routine, they are less expensive and last longer than other deck species.

Cypress is another popular choice for a deck and is easily maintained with monthly maintenance and routine cleaning. Cypress decking will require pressure treated wood to protect it from insects, rot and decay. Monthly maintenance includes sanding and painting. Pressure treated wood resists insect and fungal attack and decay, making it a durable choice for decks. The maintenance of this wood also makes it a good choice for low-maintenance residential decks.

Decks in Toronto

If you are looking for a deck design that makes use of existing structures, you can build one on your own. However, building a backyard deck can be complex and time consuming. If you are looking to build a deck that uses existing structures, you can get free deck designs and blueprints from a variety of companies. With a little research, you can find a company that can help you design a beautiful, functional, durable and attractive backyard deck for your property.

Many homeowners go the wrong way when choosing materials for their backyard decks. They often choose low quality lumber that rots or splits easily, pressure treated woods that require high maintenance and exotic hardwoods that are difficult to find. However, there are several different materials that are superior choices for backyard decks. A deck built from high quality cedar will resist rotting, insect infestation and rot. A deck made from reclaimed lumber, on the other hand, will require a lower maintenance level and is great for those who want a deck without the headaches of frequent deck cleaning.

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